BoogleBug Bassin

Update 6/30/2016...Cloudy and humid conditions on Conchas lake kept the topwater bite going all day. This BoogleBug survived the entire day of being ravished by smallies, bluegills and largemouth! At end of day it's still going strong. No popper beats a BoogleBug!

Oh Darn! Forced to become a warm water my sarcastic voice. My box of BoogleBugs are ready for action. The Electric Damsel Blue are for the blue gills and the Solar Flare Yellow are for the bass. Not all poppers are created equal. BoogleBugs pop better, cast better, tougher than others and look incredible. Can't wait
The Tormented Angler


  1. Hey Greg, what's the correct way (or best way) to fish poppers for Bass? - MP

  2. I like 6, 7 or 8 weight fly rods. Use a 7-8 foot, 1x-3x nylon leader. Nylon floats better than fluorocarbon. Rio Powerflex plus leaders work real good. Target cast likely spots and move often. Let the booglebug land and rest briefly then do a very small twitch. Just enough to create movement in the rubber legs. Rest again. At this point if no strike occurs recast to a new spot. This is my basic formula but if you're not getting reaction from it than try any retrieve method to find out if they will respond to something else.