Fishing Report - 11/7/2018

Not from this day. This was from recent trip to Lousianna. At the dock spotted this funny looking dead catfish. looks like he choked on a redfish. look close and you can see a blue crab chomping on the tail of the redfish

Some people keep fishing journals. I could never get into that. Thought occured to me, why not post a personal fishing report. It's really just for me to keep track of what I was doing when.

I went to Conchas lake on this day. Arrived about 7am and departed at 3pm. Launched on the south ramp. Heading out in the direction of the dam I noticed I was only in 21' of water. Further inspection on my lake chart revealed that I was on a mid lake hump. Stuff was appearing on sonar so I figured I'd give it a try.

I pulled out my N-One rigged light with drop shot and strung on a gulp 3" watermelon/pearl white worm. Got hit right away and soon landed 1st of over 20 white bass. For the next two hours I was all over white bass. Fish were in the 14" to 16" range. I think I could have stayed on them but it was time to go explore some other stuff. I moved over to another hump a bit closer to the dam. Not much action but I did find a bluegill. I always wondered where they go in the cold season.

I went to the Conchas triangle and continued to drop shot. Wasn't long and I hit a couple smallies. I worked my way over to the west canyon wall. Out of the blue I decided to rig a shaky head. I used a fintec 7/16 head and watermelon gulp 6" worm. Got hit pretty quick and hooked up another smallie.

At this time I was ready to try fly rod float and fly. I rigged a 9 foot leader and was using a thill pencil style float. It was a good thing too, a couple cast later and I watched the float stand up just for a second then fell over again. Could a fish just picked it up. I took up the slack and sure enough it came solid. I landed a solid 14" smallie. I continued with float and fly for awhile but no more strikes. I worked on both sides of the canyon.

Wind started to come up and it was getting close to the time to leave. I went over and worked the dam for a bit and also tried to go back to the white bass hump from that morning. Didn't get much going on. A few not committal strikes was about it. I called it a day.

Got back to truck and had a notice on windshield for day pass. Just a note, they're still checking even this late in the year. I purchased the pass on my way out.

It was really assume to find those white bass on this day. It make me want to go back and continue to work on that pattern. Will they still be there, I have no idea. But I want to know.

I didn't go up into the lake arms this day because the water has been pretty cloudy from recent rains. I still should at least went to see if it has settled out at all.

Underwater Fish Photography

Umpqua River Smallie Release

Watch Video...

Equipped with a waterproof pocket camera I'm having a lot of fun taking these underwater pictures. You never know what you're going to get. I wanted a way to photograph my catch while I fishing alone. I tried to do fish selfies but that was just felt totally wrong on many levels.

Many fish get away before I have a chance for photo or video. More and more I try to keep the event as a natural release. New pictures are achieved by netting catch, removing hook, then with camera in one hand while I cradle the fish in other hand I simply let the fish go when he is ready. I miss a lot of photo opportunities but the feeling of a healthy release is good for the soul, pictures or not.

My camera is an Olympus Tough TG860. It also shot the underwater video fish releases found in the Fish Chile post. It's getting a little rough from years of use but still working pretty good. The Olympus tough has been upgraded several times since I've purchased mine. I would and will get it again when I'm ready for a new one.

Fly Fish Chile with Outcast Anglers - Video

Fly Fish Chile with Outcast Anglers | 180Trout

Fish Chile from BassProGreg on Vimeo.

The fishing experience is challenging and real. The rewards are great. In this short video get a feel for what Outcast Anglers and 180Trout have found and so graciously shared. An experience of a lifetime and worth doing again!
Chile is an extraordinary destination for fishing and culture. Life there took me back to a time before over-development. It feels clean and natural. I can't think of a river that I have fished that is as clean and natural as this one is.
Sorry, but no names will be mentioned about this location. I know someday eventually it will be developed and fishing lodges will line the banks but until then lips are sealed. If you wish to experience this place please book your trip with Lance Wilt of Outcast Anglers at

Float-n-Fly - Video

Float-n-Fly Smallie on Greg's custom tied fly

Float-n-Fly from BassProGreg on Vimeo.

This simple tactic of Float and Fly continues to amaze me. It has worked in all kinds of water and all kinds of condition. It seems to work best when other tactics fail. It's not just a small fish tactic as you can witness in this video. I've been told my success is also in part how I fish with it. I craft my own flies, modify my own floats and tie my own leaders. While this tactic is regularly performed with spin gear I find it more fun and effective with a fly rod. Longer than a decade I've experimented with this tactic. Now my future quest is to perfect it. More species, more locations and more fly patterns is what I am pursuing.
While the Tormented Angler Blog is a collection of things I have either produced or find interesting as the future rolls forward its focal point will be pursuing the Float and Fly tactics. For a long time I've mostly kept this information to myself. Now I wish to openly publish it for those interested to find. If you find my blog while searching for float and fly, please drop me a message so I'll know and follow along on Instagram @bassprogreg